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5450 06-Apr-2017 hogeo ほげお
5449 06-Apr-2017 tabeko thanks
5448 05-Apr-2017 lovepowerdash 寝起きにiPhoneから
5447 05-Apr-2017 Neo_venezia あらあらうふふ
5446 04-Apr-2017 test jota
5445 04-Apr-2017 john ほ…
5444 04-Apr-2017 1ulce 確かに下10%は諦めそう
5443 30-Mar-2017 Yuuki happy birthday
5442 30-Mar-2017 serval わーい
5441 28-Mar-2017 aaa 調べることができるかが大事
5440 25-Mar-2017 aaa thanks
5439 24-Mar-2017 uhyoooooo ニャアアアアアアアアアン!!!!
5438 24-Mar-2017 hoge fuga
5437 23-Mar-2017 y ty
5436 22-Mar-2017 hikeoutdesign 次の問題も時間ができたらやる
5435 22-Mar-2017 noon hello
5434 20-Mar-2017 t-inoue なるほど
5433 18-Mar-2017 yuya なんだこれは
5432 18-Mar-2017 YuichiroTakahashi This puzzle was very interesting. Thank you.
5431 18-Mar-2017 shotat Yeah
5430 16-Mar-2017 kyasmt thanks
5429 16-Mar-2017 AsAdA にゃー
5428 13-Mar-2017 ほんげ ところどころ意味がわからんかった。。。
5427 13-Mar-2017 test 面白い
5426 13-Mar-2017 yta yatta
5425 12-Mar-2017 hirosassa It was very very fun!!
5424 10-Mar-2017 hoge hogehoge
5423 10-Mar-2017 hoge i won
5422 10-Mar-2017 pipopotamasu easy
5421 10-Mar-2017 Ron I'm not a robot!
5420 10-Mar-2017 abi this comment area is the most difficult..
5419 10-Mar-2017 hawk yeah
5418 09-Mar-2017 yu yy
5417 09-Mar-2017 python lover Thanks for creating fun game!
5416 08-Mar-2017 a beginner of ruby HAHAHA!
5415 08-Mar-2017 ih hello
5414 07-Mar-2017 kbone Nice!
5413 06-Mar-2017 kyo great
5412 06-Mar-2017 unknown nothnig
5411 05-Mar-2017 test great!!
5410 05-Mar-2017 hoge たのしー
5409 04-Mar-2017 snishimura Berlinからきますた
5408 04-Mar-2017 som it's hard to me
5407 03-Mar-2017 kosuke 面白かった
5406 03-Mar-2017 ueda Thanks! I've spent good time.
5405 02-Mar-2017 ich i wish i were a robot!!!
5404 02-Mar-2017 yoshi how are you
5403 02-Mar-2017 testuser thank you
5402 02-Mar-2017 iToshk Thank you for the quiz and your articles.
5401 01-Mar-2017 koh thank you for giving us exciting time!